Foster trust between team members for greater success as a leader!

Another important aspect that characterised great managers and leaders is the ability of building trust even among team members.

Trust between members is one of the most essential elements of an effective and high performing team. When team members trust each other, they are more productive, engaged and collaborative.

Great managers have the responsibility of fostering this environment within their teams. To start is important that each team member get to know each other, also on a personal level.

In order to contribute in building trust between team members, start by:

  1. Explicitly communicate the importance of trust for your team’s success. Explain that trust begins by knowing each other even on a personal level.

  2. Then, create opportunities for them to get to know one another on a personal level. Small disclosures can go a long way in helping people understand each other’s actions.

Here some initiatives to build personal bonds (even when your team are working remotely):

  • Random coffee breaks: pair team members for informal chats.

  • Picture challenge: ask the team to share pictures of their favourite food, furniture, plant or whatever comes to your mind.

  • Friday Happy Hour: end the week with a beer and to discuss your weekend plans.

  • Personality Tests Have team members take a personality test, such as Myers-Briggs, and share the results with the group. Being aware of each other’s personality styles helps people feel more comfortable airing conflicts and collaborating.

To Summarise:

Teams can’t function without trust. And, of course, we know that trust can be challenging to build especially without face-to-face interactions. But also when you’re managing a virtual team, don’t just hope for the best. Make sure that you’re proactive. Use the right practices and ensure that trust grows within that virtual team.

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