Leadership doesn't come from your job title. We can all be leaders!

Updated: Mar 21

Leadership doesn't come from your job title. Leadership comes from the way in which you think, act and treat those around you.

What defines a leader

First and most important question: Are you a leader? Set aside your job title for a second as you consider the question. Might be that your position or role doesn’t necessarily include the world leader— but what is keeping you from being one?

Do you know what you need to be an effective leader, whatever your role is?'"

A leader is someone who achieves important business goals by empowering others and creating the conditions where they can thrive. *

If you’ve stepped out to your area of responsibilities by improving a process, coaching a peer on a new skill, or helping a group to reach consensus, you’ve already shown leadership—even if you weren’t in a formal leadership role at the time.

Below are some effective ways leaders think and act. Think of which of these you already do:

- You rally people around a mission and create a sense of succeeding and failing together as a team.

- You pay attention to what people are thinking and feeling, not just to what they’re producing.

- You inspire trust by believing in those around me and making sure my coworkers also feel confident in my judgment and intentions.

- You make sure that people around me are heard, treated fairly, and respected.

- You help your work group feel purposeful and unified even when we’re not in the same physical space.

Some days you will be able to perform many of the tasks above, but other days you will find it challenging! In fact, it's not always as easy as it seems. Leadership is not easy.

The truth is, leadership is a journey.

Good leadership requires motivation, consistency, and focus. Being a leader is a daily challenge, but the payoff is in getting to positively influence the people around you, the project you work on and culture you’re a part of.

What is not required of leaders

Start letting go of any leadership myths you’ve been carrying.

Being a leader doesn't mean always having the right answer, or being the most popular or most talented person in a group.

It's only when you clearly understand what is required to lead and what's not that you can really be an authentic leader, able to empower everyone on your team to contribute their best.

See below what leadership is not:

- Leadership is not about your job title.

- Leadership isn't about talent, or charisma.

- Leadership is not about putting ourself first.

- Leadership is about listening and understanding first, and talk after.

- Leadership is about empowering those around you and think with their success in mind.

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