The two sides of leadership: Inward focus and outward look.

Updated: Mar 21

Every organisation needs strong leaders. The more skilled you become as a leader, the greater your opportunities - not just in your career, but also in your life.

Leadership: Inward focus and outward look

Good leadership depends on you, but it’s not all about you. It requires both focusing inward and looking outward. This balancing act allows you to be effective and kind, engaging and productive.

Inward Focus

  • Connect to values

  • Become self-aware

  • Create a vision

Outward Focus

  • Engage and listen to your team

  • Build trust

  • Make decisions and execute plans

The steps to find an effective balance.

In order to find an effective balance, remember to:

1) Define yourself as a leader Identify your values and vision, and connect those to your organisation needs.

2) Lead with emotional intelligence Manage your emotions and cultivate positive relationships.

3) Build trust to improve performance Create a culture of mutual respect within your team.

4) Empower everyone you lead Understand who’s on your team, make them feel valued, and enable their growth.

5) Inspire collaboration across distance Get people connected when they aren’t in the same physical space.

And remember:

  • A title doesn’t make you a leader. How you think, act, and treat others does.

  • A leader is someone who achieves goals by empowering others and creating conditions in which they can succeed.

  • Good leaders go beyond maintaining the status quo. They ask, “What’s important to accomplish next?” and “How can we all grow?”

  • Leaders rally people around a mission and create a sense of shared purpose.

  • Leaders pay attention to what people are thinking and feeling, not just to what they’re producing. They cultivate trust and make sure people are heard, treated fairly, and respected.

  • Leaders get people connected, even across distance

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