The importance of your Values as a leader!

As leaders, we have that amazing opportunity of achieving key goals by influencing those who are around us. But we can only do that if we are aware of what we stand for (our values) and where we want to take our people (our vision).

Our values

Values are key principles that we endorse, both at work and in our personal life. They reflect our purpose in life and can be consider the core of who we are (the ideals we hold, the experiences we've had, and lessons we’ve learned).

Being aware of our values is of extreme importance because it will drive our success not only in our personal life but also at work. Some values allow us to be a role model for others, make the right decisions and support our and other's success.

Having a consistent set of values and staying true to these is particularly powerful in the workplace, for all leaders.

What's really going to propel you as a leader and differentiates you over time is who you are and what your values are.

Having a specific set of values in mind is of extreme importance in order to make good decision for ourself and our team. There will definitely be situations where you will be asked to do something that's not 100% consistent with your values and having them always in the back of your mind will make your life easier. And you will soon realise that some values will be absolutely non-negotiable for you.

What do you value?

Try to ask yourself: "What it is that's unique and consistent about how I show up and how I am with other people". In my case, I think of it in terms of being honest, being fair, and being emphatic.

To identify your values:

  • Observe the traits you admire in others.

  • Pay attention to the things you’re willing to take a stand for.

  • Notice what makes you feel uneasy—and what makes you feel like you’re back on the right path.

Then think about how you can put your values into action. For instance, if you value honesty, you can incorporate it into your leadership by giving immediate feedback to your employees, talking about difficult subjects directly, and sharing as much information as you can with them.

And remember that values aren’t meant to be part of your dairy; they’re meant to be lived!

But it is not only about Values, it's also about Vision.

Together, values and vision act like a compass, helping you maintain a sense of what's important as you steer toward your goals.

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